Website Design Services

Website design services are a collection of knowledge and aesthetics. For website design, art and creativity are mixed together to create visual elements of impact. Creating such a work, along with benefiting from engineering knowledge, can become immortal in the eyes of the audience and be your worthy representative in the virtual world regardless of time and place.

By designing a WordPress website, you can save time and money. If you need a website with the common features of a company website or online store, the best option for you will be WordPress website design. WordPress has a very good SEO structure and will help you in achieving your goals. Brandtik with WordPress will implement your site in the real sense, specifically and according to your needs and tastes, and there is no ready-made, limited appearance, user interface, and exactly the components and facilities of the site will be implemented in a unique way.

The only way to have a high ranking in search engines is to invest in SEO services tailored to the needs, wants and target customers of the business. In order to appear in the primary searches of search engines and to increase the speed of the website, the SEO of the site must be set correctly. If your traffic and sales have decreased, if you are launching a new website and want to grow new business quickly… then you need SEO services.

Website Design Services

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Today, the website is one of the main pillars of every company and group. Therefore, we suggest that if you are a business owner, prepare a website for your business as soon as possible.

But the website is like your address on the Internet. So, if this website does not gain enough trust from the audience, it can be said that such a website is better if it does not exist.

Website design services are one of the main services of Brandtik. Therefore, you can safely leave this work to us to prepare the website you want with the highest quality also in shortest possible time.

But Brandtik company, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of designing and supporting different websites for large companies, is now ready to serve you dear ones.

You can leave this work to the specialized team of Brandtik so that we can prepare a professional website for you as soon as possible.

After consulting with you dear ones and receiving the website design order, our specialized team will start designing and implementing your website and prepare your website as soon as possible.

These websites have all the facilities of a professional website and are designed in such a way that they gain the trust of the audience and you can convert website visitors into customers.

Contact us for a free phone consultation on website design services.

Request for website design

We explained above why your business needs a website. So if you also need to design a professional website for your business, you are thinking of requesting website design services and you want to register your request.

Brandtik company is at your service by using expert and professional forces in the field of website design services and you can register your request in this company.

In the following table, the price of website design in Brandtik company is mentioned, and if you have chosen the plan you want, you can contact us right now. Our consultants are responsive to you every day during office hours, and you can contact our them right now to receive website design services.

Another one of our services is digital marketing.

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Some Frequent Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that many users have asked us:

Is the designed website could be improved?

Yes, all the websites designed in Brandtik can be upgraded and any possibility can be added to it.

How much does a website design cost?

The cost of designing a website depends on your needs and after consulting, the cost of designing a website will be determined.

What is the difference between dynamic and static website?

A dynamic website can be changed at any time, but a static website cannot be changed; its code must be changed.

Is the website optimized for Google?

Yes, all websites designed in Brandtik are optimized for Google and ready for SEO.

Website Design Price List

According to the above, the cost of website design services cannot be predicted without consultation. However, according to the work experience it has gained over several years, Brandtik Company has considered some plans for website design services, and you can choose one of these plans according to your needs.

Also, if you need telephone consultation,  it’s free in this company.

So, if none of the following plans meet your needs, contact us now to get a free consultation with our consultants to find out about the cost of designing a professional website.

Of course, it should be noted that all the websites designed by the Brandtik team are completely professional and have all the features of a professional website.

Also, our websites are completely optimized for search engines and in terms of search engines such as Google, these websites are completely suitable.

The website design price list is as follows:

Bronze Package
۱۰۰ $
Use pre-designed templates
Basic features of store and company sites
Using WordPress content management system
Persian and personalized management panel
Free account management for 3 months
Silver Package
۲۷۰ $
Use of post-designed templates
Facilities as needed for stores and companies
The possibility of site SEO
Produce content once a week
Persian and personalized management panel
The possibility of providing a content management panel
Free account management for 4 months
Golden Package
Call Us
Dedicated graphic design and site template
Market analysis and specialized UI and UX design
Complete store and corporate facilities
Optimizing and presenting periodic reports
Advanced Google SEO
Content production three days a week
Persian and personalized management panel
The possibility of providing a content management panel
Advertising on the Internet at a minimum cost
Free account management for 1 year